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"In a way that shows a need or desire for food"

Delivering you homemade food

In a nutshell: Hungrily selects passionate people to cook from their homes across the UK. We assist all cooks in learning the necessary skills to be able to provide their amazing homemade meals in a safe, hygienic way.

Great home cooking

Our partnered home-cooks are reliable, trained, food safe and passionate. They are just as safe to eat from as any restaurant, and have been through the same inspections and are held just as accountable as a restaurant for their food safety procedures.

Warm Quinoa Salad

Why home-cooks?

Hungrily delivers a stunning, diverse mix of cuisines from people cooking with real passion. We believe the choice, the freshness, the taste and the cost of our service far exceeds any other delivery option available to you. That's why!

Locations in 7 countries

We aren't tied to a building, we work remotely which ensures we hire the best people in the world for the roles we have available. This level of freedom has led to a dynamic, fast paced team that care passionately about customers. Try our customer service and see for yourself!

Launched in 2019

Hungrily is a new start up business, thriving in the food-tech space. We are soon to be available in 20 UK cities and have plans for 20 more. Stay informed about new locations

Helping out

We have received many compliments about the service we provide, especially from the elderly and disabled communities. Bored of the usual takeaway choices and unable to cook for themselves every day, we are providing healthy, homemade food to people that need them most.

Opening hours

Our official opening hours are 8 am to 11 pm every single day of the week. However, this can change due to the availability of home cooks, so it's always worth pre-ordering or checking opening times on a regular basis within your location.

Cook with us

You know how brilliant our home-cooks are and have your own desire and passion to join the team? Well, it's free and easy to join us and we have a page dedicated to becoming a home-cook with Hungrily, which you can find by clicking the button below.


Earn money, keep fit

Ride with Hungrily in your spare time whether you have a bicycle, scooter or a car. We have flexible, well paid, self employed positions available across the UK right now. Stay fit, get paid!

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